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Asia Dive Academy

As with many dive operations, Asia Dive Academy started with a few passionate divers with the drive to share their love of the underwater world. We are all about education – passing on the knowledge and love for everything related to diving and this philosophy, is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from our friendly dive staff, to the convenient locations of our dive centres. Sustainability, growth and discovery through education.

Since 1996, we have collectively certified over 12,000 recreational divers and hundreds of dive professionals from over 100 countries have experienced the wonders of the underwater world with us.

What we offer


A complete range of recreational and dive professional courses.


Dive logistic support, including procurement, rental and maintenance for existing operators


Dive operation, business insights and industry training


Dive Management Associate Program

The DMA Program is our offering to non-divers and divers alike, an intensive on-the-job training program, where you will go through Dive Business training. This includes Dive Operations, Marketing Application, Retail Operations, Customer Service Training and Facility & Inventory Management Training, as well as Dive Training – going from a Non-diver to a Scuba Diving Professional!

It is very much like a Full Time Scuba Internship where you will work in a scuba shop, become familiar with dive operations, and will also be trained to become a dive professional! It is a great introduction to having a career in the scuba diving industry.


Instructor Training Course

From the time man had the urge to explore the underwater world, the pleasures were denied to the vast majority until scuba training and equipment were developed in its present form. Now that diving is accessible to anyone, there is a high demand for people who have a passion for diving and want to share that experience with others.

The Instructor Training Course is a unique program that has stood the test of time. In order to stay competitive in today’s diving industry, the program has been updated to ensure that all Dive Professionals are equipped with the latest retail business training and industry knowledge. A newly certified Open Water Instructor can be absolutely sure to have all necessary skills and knowledge to work successfully.

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